Cats have a very strong need to have a place where they can be themselves and be left alone to rest undisturbed; Cat Fiesta cat furniture is specially designed to meet that need.

All Cat Fiesta models (except 540) are high enough to allow your cats a good view of the outside world so even when resting they won’t have to miss any action.

Regular exercise is just as important for your feline as it is for you. Not only do some of the larger models provide a cardiovascular workout for your kitty, they help trim her waistline too!

With a piece of Cat Fiesta cat furniture, your cats can exhaust all their energy, leaving your furniture, drapes and carpet untouched.

Scratching is an important part of a cat's natural behavior. Scratching allows for the sharpening of claws as well as marking of territory. It is therefore the responsibility of an owner to redirect a cat from a piece of furniture to a scratching post.

When you teach your cats to scratch on sisal rope, it's healthier for their nails and it helps to keep your furniture, drapes and carpet scratch-free; Cat Fiesta cat furniture has lots of sisal scratching posts.

Wait a minute. What the heck is Sisal?

Sisal is a natural plant fiber used to create a very durable rope, and which cats love to claw.  Cat Fiesta’s sisal scratching posts are made from scratch-proof and tightly-wound sisal rope. Sisal will last longer than carpeting and the natural scent is irresistible to most cats. Having sisal posts as part of your cat's furniture is a great way to help your cat maintain healthy nails...and save your furniture and drapes.

They are Purrrr-fect for Cat Owners.

Cat Fiesta is "one-of-a-kind" when it comes to design, quality, service and value.

Designing new cat furniture requires an extensive knowledge of cats and their behavior, as well as the latest trends in home interiors. The manufacturers of Cat Fiesta cat furniture have been designing,  manufacturing and selling these products for 12 years, in 22 countries.

Cat Fiesta is designed for cats. The stability of Cat Fiesta comes from the design of the products, not the weight. Depending on the nature of the cats, consumers should determine which model is best for their cats.

Cat Fiesta is designed for years of endless fun!

Quality that lasts because of strong materials (first-class materials make Cat Fiesta extremely durable) and solid, ingenious construction (ensuring sturdiness and stability).

Stable baseplates. Strong rest plates that hold at least 60 lbs. (Special breeds of 25 lbs. or more need special furniture. Although Cat Fiesta is strong enough, special-breed cats weighing 25 lbs. or more will test the limits of the product, and that is not recommended.)

Plates are made from strong pressed wood and are covered with artificial fur, not carpet; the material is strong, "nail-proof" and washable (fabric can be easily cleaned with a vacuum cleaner and mild detergent).

Special features on certain models: hammocks/flexible sisal scratching posts (unique Cat Fiesta features); strong, hanging sisal activity ropes; and play tunnels.

Soft, washable pillow in every cat's house.

Available in (7) beautiful colors to match any decor.

Strong sisal scratching posts that may be turned upside down when scratch areas are used. This will at least double the lifetime of your cats' furniture by giving your cats new and fresh places to scratch.

Easy to assemble. Approximately 20-30 minutes easy assembly time is required (an instruction manual will be enclosed in each box). A flat screwdriver is the only tool you will need. We strongly recommend that you re-tighten all hardware 2 days after assembly to guarantee stability.

There is a Manufacturer's e-mail HELPDESK address in each box, if you have assembly questions.

There is a six-month warranty from date of purchase on all models.

Cat Fiesta cat furniture is not available in pet stores.

Compare prices of similar-looking cat furniture models. Cat Fiesta's value speaks for itself.

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They are Purrrr-fect for Cats.