Combo Scratcher
Sale Price 32.95
Ultimate Cat
Scratching Post
Sale Price 74.95
Lounging Tower
with Sisal Slide
Sale Price 59.95
Tilted Cat
Scratching Post
Sale Price 34.95

Scratching Platform
Sale Price 69.95
Corner Carpeted Furniture
Protector 19" H
Sale Price 31.95
Door Hanging Scratcher
with Sisal Rope
Sale Price 19.95
Round Multi
Cat Scratcher 24"
Sale Price 61.95
Triple Cat Tree
Scratcher 24"
Sale Price 48.95

Snuggle Scratch
& Rest Bed
Sale Price 24.95
Sisal Rope Cat
Scratch Post 19"
Sale Price 49.95
Large Half Sisal
Scratching Post 33"
Sale Price 69.95

Deluxe Vertical
Scratching Post
Sale Price 79.95
Scratching Post
with Cradle
Sale Price 99.95
Scratching Post
with Cat Bed
Sale Price 99.95
Sisal Scratcher
Sale Price 39.95
Play Tree
with Scratching Post
Sale Price 44.95

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Cat Scratchers

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