KittyWalk® Curves
Box of 2 or 4
Sale Price 129.95

Sale Price 179.95
Ferris Wheel
Sale Price 209.95

Sale Price 329.95

KittyWalk® Town &
Country Collection
Sale Price 329.95
Sale Price 199.95
Lawn Version
Sale Price 155.95
KittyWalk® Deck &
Patio System
Sale Price 129.95
KittyWalk® T-Connect
Sale Price 119.95
Sale Price 109.95
Sale Price 48.95
Cozy Cabin
Sale Price 99.95
Cozy Climber
Sale Price 159.95

Kittywalk® Teepee
Sale Price 469.95

Kittywalk Outdoor
Protective Covers
Sale Price 39.95

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Enjoy the Best of Both Worlds - It's a question all cat owners face: will my kitty be an "indoor" or "outdoor" cat? We all know that cats are stalking, curious creatures by nature, but letting them roam free in nature means risking fleas & ticks, run-ins with strays, busy streets, and of course, the occasional dead bird or mouse on our doorsteps. Indoor cats live 2 1/2 times longer than outdoor cats, but thanks to the Kittywalk System, now your "indoor" cat can explore the great outdoors safely, relax in the fresh air, watch the birds, exercise and enjoy the sunshine without the risks of escape or injury.

All-Season Outdoor Construction - Safer and more comfortable than cages. Each component in the Kittywalk System is made of sturdy, industrial-strength fishnet, woven to a metal hoop-shaped wicket that easily stakes firmly into the ground. Kittywalk endures rain or shine - from summer to winter - without rust, rot, or mildew.

Please Note: Kittywalk returns may incur a 25% restocking fee. Please select carefully.

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